Tips for Selecting Hair extension

The modern woman wants to look and feel beautiful, and hair extensions is one of the beauty enhancing accessories that can do just that. A perfect hair extension should blend well with your hair to enhance your look. Therefore, you should take your time and shop for that ideal extensions. Choosing the perfect extensions starts with the type of hair extension you need. Do you need natural or synthetic extensions? You will also have to select a texture that blends well with your natural hair as well as decide on the color you need. There are many factors that a modern woman should consider when buying a hair extensions and written here are some of them.

Synthetic extensions

There are many reasons why most women will prefer to have natural hair extensions than the synthetic ones. However, some ladies cannot digest the fact that they will be wearing someone else’s hair on their head. If you are a lady that will prefer synthetic hair, you should know that artificial extensions needs a different kind of care compared to your natural hair. You should avoid washing them. And if they get wet, let them dry naturally, do not expose them to heat.hairextensionaa

Natural extensions

Natural extensions are said to be the best. They blend well with your natural hair and last longer than synthetic. Natural extensions come from real people and mostly from Asian countries. They also have their cuticles aligned hence making then look real. The best part about owning natural extensions is the fact that you can swim with them and dry them with a drier.


You can now find both natural and synthetic hair extensions in a wide range of colors. Most people are now embracing the colors that were initially not popular, most of these colors have been borrowed from celebrities seen on TV. However, when natural hair extensions are colored, they wears off quickly because of the chemicals used in dyeing them.


The thickness of a hair extensions can make a big difference in how you look. Thick hair extensions looks uniform from top to bottom. You can know the thickness of hair extensions by holding them in your hand and looking at them closely. Thick extensions do not leave space in between the strands as you view them from top to bottom.hairextension


Choosing the right texture for your hair extensions is essential for your look. You should choose a hair extensions per your natural hair. If you have a straight hair, then you should choose hair extensions that is straight.

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Benefits of facial treatment

Facial treatment is a common procedure that makes use of different skin treatments for the face. It is mostly done at spas, or even at home by making use of the different kinds of natural ways like the use of lemon, raw honey, and avocado oil. Get to do this once a month and integrate it to daily for best results for your facial appearance. Regardless of the age or gender one needs his /her skin look healthy and good looking. By so doing, you will get to enjoy some of the benefits discussed bellow.

Anti-ageing of facial

zsdcvbgfdsThe use of products that contains vitamin C help to prevent uneven skin texture, dehydration, redness and even decoloration of the skin hence preventing the signs of aging and dryness of the skin mostly during summertime due to the exposure to UV radiation.

Eliminating toxin from the skin

Facial treatments play a significant role in expelling toxic substances from the skin. This helps to get rid of acne from your skin. When the blood in your skin is clean, the skin cells are well nourished making your skin to become healthier. It also makes your skin to become smoother and beautiful.

Helped in improving blood circulation

Through massage of facial treatment helps increase the blood circulation carrying nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells at the face hence a healthy and brighter looking skin.Hence it is healthier to give yourself facial massage whenever you need to relax your skin or to get the blood flowing.

Skin get tightened

By use of facial treatments, it helps make your skin look firm and tight. By so doing it makes one’s skin looks younger than usual due to the scorching sun pollution and stress. This facials are mostly meant to cater for damages done to the skin. Facial tightening in facial treatment helps in improving facial skin tone and reducing fine lines and wrinkles in your face.

Skin pores can breathe

zxcvbvcxdscDuring the facial procedure, your skin is steamed hence opening the pores. Also during the facial treatment process, whiteheads and blackheads experienced during breakout are removed. This helps to remove everything that blocks the skin pores, allowing your skin breathe well. Once this is done, you can be sure that you will be made to feel fresh and radiant. When you go to find facial treatment services, it is good to make sure that you get them from reputable beauty clinics.

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