Safe Vaginal Bleaching Tips

Vaginal bleaching is the lightening of the skin around and on the vagina. Dermatologists can do this in beauty spas, or you can do it at home by yourself. The results may, however, vary from one person to another depending on the skin color. Whether you are doing vagina bleaching at home or in the spa, it is crucial to clean and dry the area before you apply any creams. The following tips will come in handy when getting your vagina bleached.

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Clean and Dry the Vaginal

Ensure that you keep the vagina area clean and dry before applying any lightening to the area. If you do not clean the area appropriately before applying the bleaching cream, you can risk offsetting the effects of the cream since bodily substances and liquids may stain the vagina skin.

Sufficient Application

Applying the vaginal bleaching cream to your skin which is meant for external use requires that you come near your most valuable orifices. It is however vital only to apply enough to get your skin covered. Applying any surplus amounts of the cream or gel can only amplify the hazard of some cream or gel getting into your vagina.

Avoid Using Fingers

Do not use your fingers when applying any vaginal bleaching gel or cream. This is because you may incline to apply more than what you should if you use your fingers. Instead, use Q-tip or a small brush to apply the product on the skin. This ensures that you get to apply only the required amount and you have better control over the area of application.

Be Patient

Never give up after a few applications as vaginal lightening may take some time before you can see them. This is because any bleaching product will disallow new skin from developing color. Whereas the old skin in the vaginal area sheds, the new skin becomes lighter so be patient and give the procedure some months to allow the cream to work effectively.

Keep off Harsh Chemicals

gel in bottlesOne of the most important and safe tip when it comes to vaginal lightening is to avoid applying products containing Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a hazardous ingredient that is associated with skin cancer and has been banned worldwide. Be very careful to check the components of the bleaching creams before applying them.

Vaginal lightening products that contain natural ingredients are very safe for use since you will apply them to sensitive parts of your skin. Always go for the natural skin care products and avoid any risks.

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